Wii need an overhaul

First things first. We never go to shoot episode 28. Ben was only down for one night and we didn't get a chance to get it done. So there will be a longer delay on the next episode.

Podcasts, Updates and Fixes oh my!

So I took some time and did a bunch of work. First off episode 27 is completed and out in the wild.

I am in fact still alive

Hey everyone! I haven't been around much as I'm absolutely buried in work, both at work and after work. Sufficed to say I haven't even started the podcast :(

Your guess is as good as mine.

So I have not been able to find Arvin. He is completely MIA. All I can assume that he has locked himself away in his studio making the best damn podcast he can.

Who want's another episode?

So I got a message from supersonic, (not sure if that is the old one or the new one), asking if Arvin and I have shot the next episode. Short answer, yes. Long answer, no one needs to hear.

Episode 26?

Step one, Arvin and Ben get in the same room with a camera and a dream.
Step two, record our crazy ramblings about the wii we call a podcast.