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Conduit Special will be live this Sunday!

Hey Folks! Been a long time since I've done a blog so here's the skinny. This Sunday at 6:00pm EST Ben and I will be taping the final Wii like to podcast special all about the Conduit.

New episode out Monday!

It seems as though Ben has been covering for me in my absence which has been a big help, though not much progress has been made on the site or the last episodes we shot.

The new site is up!

Ok so about 85% of the work is done, and the new site has been launched.

Wii need an overhaul

First things first. We never go to shoot episode 28. Ben was only down for one night and we didn't get a chance to get it done. So there will be a longer delay on the next episode.

Podcasts, Updates and Fixes oh my!

So I took some time and did a bunch of work. First off episode 27 is completed and out in the wild.

I am in fact still alive

Hey everyone! I haven't been around much as I'm absolutely buried in work, both at work and after work. Sufficed to say I haven't even started the podcast :(

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