Wii Teach You Episodes

Connecting your Wii Remote to a Mac

Using a single piece of software and the ease of use on a Mac you can connect your Wii Remote to your OSX Mac and use it as a mouse and keyboard input device

The $1600 Ultimate Fanboy Lightsaber

In this quick edition of Wii Teach You, Arvin shows you how using a Mac, a Wii Remote and a new "light sword" accessory from GameExpress you can combine your love for Apple, Star Wars and the Wii together.

Streaming media to your Wii

An alternative method of getting Video, Audio, Photos and even TV onto your Wii by streaming your content over a network or the Internet using Orb Media's easy to use software.

Advanced Wii Opera Browser Features

The full version opera browser for the Wii is full of great new features. This episode I'll take you through the more advanced features of the browser as well as the new settings that are available.

Getting the Blue LED's to stay lit on your Wii

Love the stylish look of the illuminated Wii, but can't get the lights to stay lit? Well we've got a really simple guide on how to do it using the power of the internet.

Backing up your Wii games

Accidents happen, and the last thing you want is your precious copy of Twilight Princess becoming a coaster. Using some really simple tools you can backup your Wii games for safe keeping.

Getting MP3's and Video on your Wii

Your wii is more versatile than you think. Using some simple software and an SD memory card you can listen to MP3's and watch videos directly on your Wii.

Connecting your Wii Remote to a PC

Don't have a Wii but still want to mess around with the remote? Watch our longer more in depth version of our first Wii Teach You Episode. In this episode you'll learn how to connect your Wii Remote to a PC using a standard bluetooth adapter.