Podcast Episodes

Episode 30: It's ok to cry

The last, saddest and "Baddest" (Bad as in good) Podcast ever. Wiik in Review on E3. New Metrioid, two Marios, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort. Arvin and Ben also review some of their favourite and not-so-favorite games of 2009.

Episode 29: Thank you SEGA!

SEGA comes out fighting publishing lots of new games and we've got the info. New house of the dead, a WiiWare multiplayer FPS and Survival Horror game plus lots more.

Episode 28: The Bro Code

Welcome to a new year with part one of our two part episode 28. This one is all about the news. Club Nintendo in full swing, The Conduit goes Hollywood, and much much more.

Episode 27: Feel the burn

Wii speak cheaper than we thought, rock band officially confirms DLC, An interesting new product that will give Nyko a run for their money, and many other great stories

Episode 26: Riddled with problems

it's certainly not our worst episode... I hope. It's really late, but still full of news and even an Impromptu review. From Ben's Apartment it's Episode 26!

Episode 25: Cause for celebration

It's an all new episode jam packed with (kinda) new stuff! Delayed E3 coverage, Strong Bad keeps freezing, Impromptu review, and a Wii teach you! It's late, but exciting!

Episode 24: Mysteries Revealed

Yet another delayed but jam packed episode. Ben reviews Lego Indy, Arvin reviews two awesome Nyko products. Tidbits of news, and lots of info and dates on games we're excited about.

Episode 23: Floods of Inspiration

After another long hiatus we are back with lots of great news and discussion. More star wars coming, cooking mama returns, 8 balance board games on the way, and a Wii Fit Review.

Episode 22: And then there were three

Long overdue, but with a third host we dive into High Voltage Software's big Wii announcements, Mario Kart Wii review and Lots of WiiWare title info.

Episode 21: Super Organized

Our super organized episode full of info on Star Wars the force unleashed, Guitar Hero and Rock band. Big price drops on lots of games. Plus a Wii teach you, review and upcoming games.