Episode 25: Cause for celebration

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Show Notes: 

After the longest gap we've ever had. We are back with our 25th episode. New commercial, new intro, new podcast. Shot in beautiful HD by my friend Mickey and his awesome HVX200 camera. We hope you guys enjoy all the news, reviews, and the Wii Teach you. This is the first episode edited entirely on a Mac!

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Links to stories we talked about

  • Wii motion plus: Link, Link
  • Motion Plus relationship 'Not Exclusive' to Nintendo: Link
  • Conduit 16 player multiplayer and Wii Speak support: Link
  • IGN 20 Wii games of Summer: Link
  • Strong Bads Cool game for attractive people freezing issue partially resolved: Link

Upcoming Games

  • Megaman 9: link
  • Dead Rising - Chop till you drop: link
  • Madden 09: link

Wii Teach You

Episode Details

2008/09/11 - 3:44pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen