Bit.Trip Beat: An Inside Type of Look

8-bitBen.jpgAs many of the readers probably know, and others most certainly won’t, I am a retro gamer. This is not due to any sophisticated reasoning such as, I collect old game systems and have ventured to become an expert on the development and evolution of strategy games, or, that I generally enjoy the beep-boop noises the old games make. I do tend to like the beep-boop sounds, but the origins of my retro gaming affinity happens to come out of the fact that since my original Atari 7800 circa 1986, the Nintendo Wii is the only game system I have owned. I still have my Atari, in good working order with a good handful of games, and from time to time I like to dust it off, plug it in and play some of those great old strategy games. Sadly though, there doesn’t seem to be anything out there now that rivals a good old retro strategy game made up of lines and dots and increasingly challenging levels that eventually drive you mad with the compelling desire to get that perfect score. That is, there has been nothing like that until now.

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