Episode 21: Super Organized

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Show Notes: 

It's strange how the more we organize and plan, the more we get confused. I guess we need to find a good balance. It's a long episode but is jam packed with lots of news and info.

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Links to stories we talked about

  • SEGA drops price of Nights in Europe to 30 Pounds: Link
  • Guitar Hero III guitar currently not compatible with Rock Band - Blame Activision: Link
  • Activision / RedOctane send guitar faceplates to Guitar Hero III owners: Link
  • The Force unleashed gets release dates: Link
  • Force unleashed control and graphic details: Link
  • Sam and Max coming to Wii: Link
  • Mario Kart Wii: Some maneuvers may not be possible without Wii Remote: Link

Upcoming Games

  • Emergency Heroes: Link
  • Deadly Creatures: Link


Episode Details

2008/04/11 - 2:30pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen