Podcast Episodes

Episode 20: It's really REALLY late

A little late, but we've got a big episode. Smash Bros is finally here! Lots of first party news for Mario Kart, Wii Fit, and Smash Bros. Some banter, discussion and a Wii Teach You.

Episode 19: Having a good time

Right on time with another super full episode. Activision offers customers choices, Resident Evil 0 coming to Japan, Nintendo might charge for online, and two reviews of some awesome games.

Episode 18: Welcome back Arvin

Arvins back from the motherland to help put out a super swank episode. Smash Bros. sells big, hackers find more exploits, rock out soon with rock band, and we impromptu some reviews for you.

WLTP Special: Bon Voyage!

A quick intro to the new look of Wii like to podcast as Arvin is about to leave for India. To to it all off we have a couple quick stories for you as well.

Episode 17: Wii suck at math

Jam packed episode full of lots of stuff. All hail the Q-Wii-N! Get your Guitar Hero replacement discs, the Wii is officially hacked, Smash Bros. goes gold, and we rank our top 5 games since our last top 5.

Episode 16: The Merry Episode

Chalk full of festive cheer. Nintendo is losing a lot of money this holiday season, Johnny Lee is my new hero, Nyko continues to impress us with their products, and Ben does a quick review of Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition.

Episode 15: It's a long one

Nintendo PR crushes our hopes and dreams, Activision makes an audible mistake, Photo channel loses MP3 support, lots of Smash Bros updates and THREE reviews on some good and not so good products.

Episode 14: Back in the groove!

We are back with a longer episode chalk full of great news, a review and good old fashion PS3 Bashing. Rockstar responds to the Brits, Old people got game, China is sneaky, and Ben Bratzel gives us his take on DDR Hottest Party.

Episode 13: The unlucky one

With the Tokyo Game Show coming to a close this episode will get you caught up on everything that's happened before the show. Online play confirmed for two major titles, Wii Zapper price and date announced, Wii gets more Starwars.

Episode 12: We're on time

Our episode is actually on time! Manhunt 2 is actually being released, Wii beats out the Xbox 360, Control your music with your Wii, Lots of Guitar Hero info, and Ben takes us through his review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.