Podcast Episodes

Episode 11: Let's not talk about it

After our extreme hiatus we are back with episode 11. Lots of details on the new Wii system update, A bunch of Metroid prime and retro information. And to top it all off A Mario Strikers and Driver Parallel Lines review.

Episode 10: Double Digits!

E3 has now come and gone. We've got a lot of announcements from Nintendo. Eetails on a Wii Fitness game, the Wii Zapper, lots of online information, details on games from Nintendo, and even a of couple quick reviews.

Episode 09: Perfect Strangers

Lots of news and reviews. Manhunt 2 banned and pushed back, Wii cursors for your PC, DS as a Wii controller, Reviews of Resident Evil, Big Brain Academy, and Ben concludes his review of the Nyko Charging Station.

Episode 08: Happy Birthday Us!

Arvin and Ben celebrate their birthday doing what they do best.. Smash Brothers control scheme, possible DVD playback, A Doctor trying to bank on the Wii's success. Ben gives a first part of his Nyko charging station review.

Episode 07: Blasphemous Ben

Ben commits a sin. Forums are now online, Update on JR, Strikers and more online information. Better looks at Harry Potter, Manhunt 2, and Mario Party 8. And Arvin shows you how to stream media to your Wii using Orb.

Episode 06: Glorious Freedom

Our Wii browser friendly site is now launched so fire up your wii. EA planning new party game. Finally some Guitar Hero info. Larger scale wii workout, and Arvin takes you through the advanced features of the new Wii Opera Browser.

Episode 05: Crunch Time

Lots of online news. Canadians can win some interesting Wii systems. Robots are better than you. Lots of details on the Wii Browser. Billy reviews Blazing Angels, and we discuss some sweet upcoming games.

Episode 04: The Rumour Mill

Lots of awesome rumors floating around as GDC ends. Miyamoto talks on the Wii and the DS. Buy or Win some sweet Wii systems. Arvin reviews Tiger Woods 2007, and we show you how to get the LED on your Wii to stay on.

Episode 03: The Game Episode

This weeks we cover all the upcoming games coming out. You you'll learn how to backup your wii games on DVD, and Billy our review guy gives us our first video review. It's our most diverse episode yet.

Episode 02: Gigantor Mario

We cover the weeks top stories including modchip updates, everybody votes channel, a story on Nintendo customer service. On this episode of Wii Teach you, we'll show you how to listen to MP3s and watch Movies on your Wii console.