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Did you know YouTube Was a Thing?

2011 was a long time ago. It was also the last time I made a post on this site. At the time I believed that no more would come from the good old days. Boy was I wrong.

A final Goodbye

Arvin lives far away now and I have spent the last year literally half dead. Sadly the entirety of WLTP has died.

Something is happening...

An opportunity has arisen, so Arvin and I are going to try and take advantage of it. This means, if I can find Arvin, who has moved far away, we will be posting another video.

Canada! - Dominion Day - and some other way less important stuff. Updated!

Happy Canada Everyone. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Arvin is coming over (No work for us today) and other than his assistance with some networking issues, gaming shall be had.

I am calling this an Update... We all know the truth.

Yet again I have little to say, and I am likely going to spend a long time saying it. I know there have been a lot of questions about moderators, and I wish I could speak to that, but instead I am going to blame Arvin and duck any semblance of responsibility.

Bad News, Good News then more Bad News

If you can even believe it, or if you are even still here, there will be a new podcast going up tonight. I am currently sitting next to Arvin as he edits it. It is actually going to happen. Episode 30 does exist - or will in a few hours.

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