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Wii STILL Like To Podcast

Arvin and I may not have as much time as we would like to properly maintain this site and to get into contact with all the awesome people who send us great e-mails, but we both still love doing this. We are hard at work on our next intro, which should prove to be the best yet.

Mario Striker's Day!

So since Monday September the 3rd is Labour Day over here in North America Arvin and I both have the day off. We figured as it is the last day of summer vacation we should spend it getting our butts kicked by you great viewers in Strikers.
So, taking all challengers on Monday. We will post times and codes either tomorrow or on the actual day, keeping in mind that we are in the eastern standard timezone.
One thing for sure is that we will be dedicating a few solid hours to playing Monday afternoon and look forward to the challengers.

Keep Playing,


Woot For Me!

So I just beat Res 4. That was a wicked game.

Just very happy I actually beat it - in case anyone wanted to know.

Anyone else playing a super awesome game?


Well That Was A Waste of $10

So other than looking pretty good and the fact that everything is destructible, Transformers is a big flop.
One more video game based on a movie that just doesn't cut the mustard. The controls are terrible with the Remote as both the aiming, fighting and camera. Driving the cars are like driving bricks and nothing short of the police shooting at you, can damage you while driving around. The tasks are repetitive, boring and arduous and range from incredibly easy to insanely difficult.

In short, I really don't like this game and I have four more days on the rental.

Day Off

So I have a day off of both work and school (wow). Even though I should be writing an essay I rented Transformers.
The movie was pretty sweet so I hope the game is good too. It better be if I am to stay up all night writing an essay.

Wish me luck.

P.S. I am still trying to get a girl on the show.



140 years!!!!

Not much of a blog, more of a decree of celebration. For all you Canadian viewers, and those who wish to participate anyway,

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