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The Big Move

Tomorrow is the big day. I am packing my bags and heading into the wild blue yonder.

The meandering rables that will stand in for Episode 25

Arvin and I shot Ep. 25 last night, and depending on how much Arvin can shirk his duties, it should be up within the next few days. Today is Thursday, so lets say Sunday.

Shipping Costs

Arvin and his never ending ingenuity has found a possible way to drastically cut the cost of shipping for the t-shirts.

If you want WLTP - you got it.

Alright, so the title is not as rocking as the AC/DC song, but it is more podcast appropriate.

Filming Today.

The title says it all. After a long time of not making an episode, we are making an episode. Hope to share some wicked announcements and general revelry.

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