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2000 Points Later

Alright, midterms are over, let the gaming begin.
I went out and bought my first Wii points card and get my first couple of downloaded games. Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. I know they are old and obsolete, but they are classics, and I have never played the games more than once or twice. (I am unfortunately not that good at the NES games. I've got to work on my hand eye co-ordination.) I've got 1000 points left and a few games I might be interested in, but i am not sure what to spend the points on. If anyone has a suggestion or a favorite game, I would appreciate the advice. For now I am going to look over some of the submissions, try to get more content on this site, bring more to the Wii community.

So this is Bloging

I suppose we are supposed to be writing down some comments or thoughts or what have you. I don't really have anything specific to say for now, but I thought I should get the ball rolling.

One place to start is to (yet again) try to get people to go checkout Inoke Errati ( They did us a huge solid letting us use some of their music.

Next I should give a gratuitous plug for the Wii. Still playing Wii sports nearly four months after release. Still can't get pro in baseball. For as good at tennis as I have become you would think I could hit a damn ball. My dad has kicked my ass at baseball - it is sad really.

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