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Another Update, but this one has real information.

So, since this was my slack week fro school, (you would think that gives me free time, but as it turned out I was even more busy), I managed to get home to Windsor for a couple of days. Amongst all the many things I had to try and get accomplished, I managed to track down the illusive and busy Arvin.

An Update - of sorts.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop plugging away on some of the mounds of work I have in front of me, and decided that I don't want to do my work, so instead I am writing a long overdue update.

More new goodness for WLTP

So, I am currently interviewing Alex Nueuse of Gaijin Games about their upcoming WiiWare title Bit.Trip Beat. I also got the chance to interview the main character from the game CommanderVideo.

Your guess is as good as mine.

So I have not been able to find Arvin. He is completely MIA. All I can assume that he has locked himself away in his studio making the best damn podcast he can.

Who want's another episode?

So I got a message from supersonic, (not sure if that is the old one or the new one), asking if Arvin and I have shot the next episode. Short answer, yes. Long answer, no one needs to hear.

Episode 26?

Step one, Arvin and Ben get in the same room with a camera and a dream.
Step two, record our crazy ramblings about the wii we call a podcast.

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