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So, Arvin is back and seems to be a force to be reckoned with.

Just so you know.

I responded to a question in the forums that I thought might be appropriate as a blog so that everyone would get the chance to see the information I possess.

New Episode

Wow. I have to say I really liked that new episode. What did you guys think?

Radio: or How I managed to get even less work done today.

Today I was on the Infotainment hour on CJAM, the local university radio station. Tony, the host, has had me on before and I was able to plug the Wii and the podcast, but this time was something special.
This time she had a program that was a big debate between the three major console systems. Needless to say I was backing the Wii, and not only did I kick their butts (if I do say so myself), but thanks to you guys and your constant ability to come through for Arvin and me every time we ask, Tony took the time to read a couple of e-mails you guys sent, and they really sealed the deal.

You guys should checkout the Facebook group or website for the Infotainment Hour to see if she has put up anything about today's show.

On Facebook you can look it up under Infotainment Hour or go to

Thanks again everyone. You rock. Like a lot.


So, to get right to the point, not because I am spending all my time playing, I actually have schoolwork to get done, I did buy it.
It is very fun, and there are a couple of songs I am very stoked about. Thankfully there are more good than bad songs, but sadly, I do suck really badly at the moment.

I'll talk more about it on the next show.

Good luck if you got it,


Should I or Shouldn't I?

Here is the deal.
I am low on funds, not to mention very low on time. But Guitar Hero III is out tomorrow.
Chances are I might not even get to pick one up before they are sold out. If there is one left I will feel obligated to buy it since I did go to the store for that purpose.
On top of that, I have a perfectly good real guitar that I still haven't learned to play properly.

What to do - what to do?

Stay tuned for the captivation conclusion of this daring dilemma!

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