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Nyko Charging Station Review - Part One

As you may know from the podcast I am doing a review of the Nyko Charging Station Arvin got me for my birthday.

Here is part one. Tomorrow (if things go to plan) will be part two and Friday I will give a final review in the podcast that is supposed to be done for Friday, (which probably will be despite my not helping Arvin yet again). So here is Part One.

I ain't afraid of no... Zombies.

So I used the money from the return on the Wiimote charger my brother got me (the same one Arvin got me) for my birthday on Res 4 Wii version.
I just got home and have yet to open it, but I am very excited.
Why I am writing about this, besides a thanks to Arvin and my Brother for sweet gifts, is to say how difficult it was to actually find the game.
Three places were sold out on the first day. I ended up finding it at HMV (am music store for those who don't know the place).
It really wasn't all that hard to find one, but enough to get me to thinkin'.

Arvin Was Right?

If you were to look back to episode four of this very fine podcast, right a the beginning when Arvin and I do our silly little intros, you would see that Arvin announces to the world that I creep out girls. Looks like the jerk was right.
What I am trying to say is that I have to apologize again and tell everyone that the review by a cute girl is going to be delayed again. The girl who was going to be on the show has apparently been struck with an amazing streak of excuses that has keep her too busy to get together with me.

Something Suitable Regarding The Summer and Playing The Wii

It is almost June. Four weeks into summer vacation and it seems like things are progressing well. On the Wii front I have managed to scrape together enough funds to rent a few games from the local Video rental place and am on my way to playing most of the games that are out so far. On the not exactly Wii front, due to fact that most of the games are either not story based, or very short I have been able to regularly work and volunteer, as well as try to get outside and exercise a bit.

Not Really A Review

Alright, so Episode six is up and school is done for the summer. Still lots on the go, but hopefully more time to spend on the site.
Because the pressure of classes and exams are over I have also had more time to spend on the Wii. Sweet.
With that in mind I have had the chance to rent Medal of Honour: Vanguard.

Update - Virtual Console Fun

To pick up where I left off in my last entry about downloading Mario and Zelda off the Virtual Console, I have now beaten the first Legend of Zelda (with a little help from a friend who has beaten it before). I was surprised how challenging it was. Sure when you have full health you can take out most enemies without too much trouble, but having to know where to drop bombs and what bushes to burn was crazy. I was a little disappointed with the final battle too.
All in all it was a fun game though. It sparked my interest and I have now downloaded The Ocarina of Time. I have a little experience with this Zelda, having played it on a friends 64 on and off for a few months back when it was new. I am excited to play it having beaten both the first and newest Zelda, especially since Twilight Princess seemed to me to be a close sequel to Ocarina of Time.

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