Just some more website updates

Just a quick update on some of the things that have been added/changed. The biggest being the ability to send private messages to users.

Smash Bros goodness!

So Smash Bros is out in North America and both Ben and I have purchased it. We are sitting and going through the single player mode as I write this.

The Things I Do

Hey everyone. It is late at night for me, but I don't have school or work in the morning so I thought I should take some time to give back to all the awesome viewers and contributors we have.

Proven Right Yet Again

So yesterday I had exactly 24 minutes before I had to go to class. Not a lot of time to do much of anything. I had everything ready to go, all I had to do was put on my coat and head out the door.

Too many emails! :D

Hey Everyone, This past week we've been slammed with TONNES of emails from lots of viewers and users of the website.

Thanks for all the reviews!

Over the past few days since the last episode came out we've been receiving emails like crazy!