Big big website updates!

As you may or may not have known I put a good deal of time into the site the past couple of days and have now laid down the framework for a better user and forum system.

Website downtime

Hey Everyone, my web hosting company has been experiencing issues with our server lately. This may be due to the recent migration to newer, better, faster hardware.

The mayhem is somewhat over

Hey everyone, the mayhem of exams and crazy work stuff is just about over so we're focusing back on the site and the podcast.

Digg It

Hey. I know a lot of you have been reviewing us on itunes. That is awesome. Those of you who have not, can not, or already have can still give us major props by "Digg"ing the episodes.

New episode (hopefully) out tomorrow!

Hey everyone, Ben and I are shooting an episode tonight which will hopefully lead to it being released sometime either late tomorrow or first thing Tuesday morning.

Continuing trouble with Episode 20

As many people have pointed out. It looks like there is a lot of issues with this episode. I checked it out and it looks like I encoded the wrong version of the episode.