Podcast delayed till Tuesday

Hey everyone, so I hit a few snags, but the episode is just about done and encoding right now.

New episode sometime tomorrow

Hey everyone, just giving you all the heads up. I'll be posting a new episode sometime tomorrow.

T-shirts and Buttons and Stickers - oh my!

So we have been working hard on merch for you guys. If you haven't noticed, and how could you not have noticed, on the front page there is a pole asking what size shirts we should make.

Lots of updates

I put in a lot of work on the website this weekend and have a tonne of updates for everyone.

No new episode this week

So unfortunately we are both extremely busy this weekend and can't put out a new episode.

Not All That Important

So not to take away from all the Smash Bros goodness or Arvin's awesome blog entry about the update to the sight, both of which you should read, if you haven't, by going to the blog page, but I promis