We're on the front page of

I started a forum posting on the drupal website in their "Drupal Showcase" section where you tell people about your drupal site to show it off. Looks like it caught some attention as the posting has been on the front page of their website for almost a week now and has generated a huge amount of hits, feedback, and suggestions.

I'm extremely excited about shooting episode 2 this weekend. We're going to try and incorporate some of the suggestions that were given, and make this episode even better then the last.

Thanks to the

So this is Bloging

I suppose we are supposed to be writing down some comments or thoughts or what have you. I don't really have anything specific to say for now, but I thought I should get the ball rolling.

One place to start is to (yet again) try to get people to go checkout Inoke Errati ( They did us a huge solid letting us use some of their music.

Next I should give a gratuitous plug for the Wii. Still playing Wii sports nearly four months after release. Still can't get pro in baseball. For as good at tennis as I have become you would think I could hit a damn ball. My dad has kicked my ass at baseball - it is sad really.

First episode finally released!

So after months of hard work my efforts have come to fruition as the first episode of the podcast has finally been release. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm glad I took the time to do the countless re-shoots to get the format closer to how I wanted it. I do wish we could've done it again with James and Tim, but schedules just keep conflicting. I'm hoping in the future we can have more people on the show as it (hopefully) picks up popularity.