New episode out Monday!

It seems as though Ben has been covering for me in my absence which has been a big help, though not much progress has been made on the site or the last episodes we shot.

I don't always make sense.

Alright, my bad, I made a nasty little typo on the last blog post. For the moderators, Arvin is making an online form, not an online for. That wouldn't make any sense. But since I am a host of the show I feel I don't always have to make any sense. So, there.

A couple of tidbits of information for you.

Another Update, but this one has real information.

So, since this was my slack week fro school, (you would think that gives me free time, but as it turned out I was even more busy), I managed to get home to Windsor for a couple of days. Amongst all the many things I had to try and get accomplished, I managed to track down the illusive and busy Arvin.

An Update - of sorts.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop plugging away on some of the mounds of work I have in front of me, and decided that I don't want to do my work, so instead I am writing a long overdue update.

More new goodness for WLTP

So, I am currently interviewing Alex Nueuse of Gaijin Games about their upcoming WiiWare title Bit.Trip Beat. I also got the chance to interview the main character from the game CommanderVideo.

The new site is up!

Ok so about 85% of the work is done, and the new site has been launched.