Bad News, Good News then more Bad News

If you can even believe it, or if you are even still here, there will be a new podcast going up tonight. I am currently sitting next to Arvin as he edits it. It is actually going to happen. Episode 30 does exist - or will in a few hours.

More? Sure!

Hey everyone!

I just this second caught up on the emails I had waiting for me in my inbox. If you have not gotten a response from me I didn't get your email. Sorry, but you will have to send it again.

Really a real update - for real!

So, I am back in Windsor for the summer. Still finishing some school stuff, but I am in the final stretch. Because of this, Arvin and I got together yesterday for a brief meeting to touch base and start to get our stuff together.

Somthing like an update

Alright, I am halfway through my placement and hardly have enough time to breath. It is an amazing experience, but very stressful and time consuming. There is less garbage going on in my personal life, not none, but who ever has none? So where does that leave things?

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

I am going to start with some not so good news. Not that it is devastating or anything, but I doubt many people would call it good.

The Plan

I can't tell you the whole plan, mostly because Arvin and I haven't figured it out yet. The important point to take away from this update is that at least we are planning to have a plan.