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This Week on the Nintendo Channel: Cave Story

This week's most noteworthy Nintendo Channel item is by far the Developer's Voice video on Cave Story above. Next week, we'll finally get to play it. How pumped are you? Like, beyond pumped? We sure hope so!

Head past the break for the rest of this week's content.

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Gaijin bringing iPhone's Lilt Line to WiiWare

Lilt Line, winner of a 2010 IGF Mobile award for Audio Achievement is a simple iPhone game, in which you tilt the phone to guide a line through winding tunnels, and tap the screen in response to on-screen cues, all in time to dubstep music by 16bit. Essentially, it's Irritating Stick without the irritation! Developer Different Cloth revealed in a tweet that Wii owners will get to experience Lilt Line as well, thanks to Bit.Trip creator Gaijin Games.

All we know from the (necessarily brief) announcement is that Gaijin is bringing the game to the Wii. We can assume, both from the nature of the game and the fact that we don't think the three-person Gaijin Games team is going to start publishing packaged games, that it's WiiWare. We've asked Gaijin for more information. In the meantime, check out the iPhone version after the break.

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Now Playing: March 15-21, 2010

We hear he's a lot bigger up close.

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Last updated: Monday, 3:00 PM

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Final Fantasy XIII tops UK sales chart, Just Dance shows stamina

In its first week at retail, Final Fantasy XIII charged up the UK sales charts like a Lightning bolt, becoming the "fastest selling" game of the year -- a record set by Bad Company 2 just last week. According to Chart-Track, the console sales split for the latest edition in Square Enix's flagship series was fairly even, with a 54 to 46 percent split on PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively.

Bad Company 2's sales slipped 38 percent last week, bringing EA DICE's fantastic multiplayer title (wait, there's single player, too?) down to second place. And, in third -- there it is: Just Dance. The game is unstoppable and has the stamina of a six-year-old hyped up on Pixy Stix. Like we noted last week, Just Dance just keeps going and going. We're just waiting to see when this epic sugar rush wears off.

Source - Lucky XIII for Square Enix [GFK Chart-Track]
Source - Latest UK Software Charts [GFK Chart-Track]

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NintendoWare Weekly: Rage of the Gladiator, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Today's Wii downloadable releases look like they'll work nicely together. When Medusa heads have murdered you enough times in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, you can switch over to Rage of the Gladiator and smash them in first person!

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Newest NBA Jam trailer brings plenty of extra heat

As you might imagine, the vast majority of the "heat" that the newest trailer for NBA Jam brings with it is through the various players running up and down the court fully ablaze (it certainly doesn't hurt when the screen catches fire as well). Don't get us wrong -- it's full of gameplay that puts us right back on the couch in 1994, trying to desperately remember the code so that we can play as our favorite US president.

That said, the announcer probably says "Kaboom!" four or five times. And yeah, somewhere in the middle there, we realized that NBA Jam just doesn't have that many catchphrases. But that's okay with us -- the gameplay looks fantastic! We'll have our impressions of the game up in a few weeks, but for now you can peep the trailer yourself just a few inches up.Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments

More FIFA World Cup 2010 media than you can shake a red card at

We know, we know -- we've been desperately waiting for more new media on April's South Africa-themed FIFA release as well, and today we've finally got some more. Arriving care of GDC 2010, EA Sports released the trailer you see above and the smattering of new screens seen below (for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 as well as the Wii).

The trailer urges players to take their own country's team to the World Cup, though we should issue a word of warning to those of you in the contiguous United States who choose to bring our fine nation to the top: it's just a game. Okay, okay, sorry -- we were just joshin' ya! We suppose it's possible. Maybe after the robots take over. Maybe. Permalink | Email this | Comments

Nintendo's Sakamoto: No Wii Kid Icarus now, but possible

If there's a Kid Icarus reboot in the works somewhere at Nintendo, Metroid: Other M producer Yoshio Sakamoto, who worked on the original NES game, doesn't know anything about it. "I don't know personally about any project underway regarding Kid Icarus," Sakamoto told Kotaku, "but if so many of those people are interested in it and really want to see it on the Wii, they should really speak up."

It's not as simple as making a Zelda game with flight, apparently (that's our guess for what people want in a Wii Kid Icarus game). Sakamoto suggested that Nintendo has yet to hit upon the right design. "If we can find some sort of way to bring it to the Wii; a way to make the game for the Wii that makes sense, we would happily do so," he said. "But just keep in mind it may not be me making the game."Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments

Gene Simmons: 'I'm the voice of Guitar Hero 6'

"I'm the voice of Guitar Hero 6," says KISS front man Gene Simmons during a video clip produced by Game On, a division of UK media site ITN. And that's all he says. The clip -- view it after the break -- has been removed from the context of what's assumed to be a full interview and essentially turns Simmons' statement into a gag line. Still, Simmons does appear to be the first "official" spokesperson to outright name the next iteration of Guitar Hero, albeit unofficially.

Activision previously dated a forthcoming Guitar Hero game for the "back half" of 2010. Presumably, that's "Guitar Hero 6" and the game Simmons will apparently star in. What? Activision didn't offer his crew a full-on Guitar Hero: KISS game? It's for the better, really, because all we want to do is get the digitized Simmons onstage and make him crank 'dat Soulja Boy!

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Interview: Metroid: Other M producer Yoshio Sakamoto

After delivering a GDC panel on his cinematic inspiration, we met with Metroid: Other M producer Yoshio Sakamoto to ask him about everything from collaborating with Team Ninja, lessons learned from Metroid Prime, the newfound focus on story in the Metroid universe, and whether or not he played Chair's Super Metroid love letter, Shadow Complex. Read on!

Can you tell us about the process of working with Team Ninja. Who does what design-wise and technology-wise?

Yoshio Sakamoto: The original design concept came from me, but then we went and assembled a team that could pull this off. And in this case it was people from Team Ninja, who we really thought was the best fit. But they've also provided a lot of core ideas that have influenced the direction of the game, particularly the director, Mr. Hayashi. So, as I mentioned in the speech today, it's not so much that we're dividing up tasks but collaborating as equals.

After E3 and the initial announcement a lot of people were making comments like, "Oh, it seems like they've dumped Retro for this series and they want to go with another developer," as if it was a big switch-off. But, in actuality, that is far from the case; rather, we just wanted to put together the best team that we could to make this project, which turns out to be Project M.

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