Pick up Guitar Hero 5 at a Guitar Hero 3 price today

Looking to add 85 new songs to your Guitar Hero library? Want a game that's made for "Party Play?" Oh, sure. Admit it -- you just want to make the ghostly Cobain avatar do your musical bidding. Well, whatever the motivation, you can pick up Guitar Hero 5 (the game only) for a pretty reasonable $28.99 today, thanks to Amazon's Deal of the Day.

While supplies last (or through the end of the day), the discount is applied to the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 versions of the game. Guitar Hero 5 is worth investing in especially if you're loaded down with PS2 instruments and don't want to buy new ones for another console -- there won't be any more Guitar Heroes for PS2, after all. So, if you want more music, this is pretty much your last chance, all you PS2 holdouts!

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