Episode 20: It's really REALLY late

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Show Notes: 

We made it to 20! Thanks to everyone for supporting us so far. This episode is very silly, with a lot of our own ideas and bantering. But it's ok, we're entitled to our own opinions.
I decided to try and shoot this episode back in SD Mini-DV format just to see if I should... The answer is NO! I can't go back now that I've been bitten by the HD bug.

I managed to get another Wii Teach You done, it's really easy but something I think a lot of people will be happy about.

Please remember to keep on adding reviews for us on iTunes. Every little bit helps.

Links to stories we talked about

  • Brawl sells 1.4 Million so far in the US: Link
  • Mario Kart dated and channel info: Link
  • Brawl online connectivity issues: Link
  • Brawl not working on some Wii's: Link
  • Wii Fit US English Trailer: Link

Upcoming Games

Wii Teach You Notes

  • Smash Decrypter Website: Link
  • GT Coder Windows software: Link


Episode Details

2008/03/25 - 7:28am
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen