Water Warfare

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Name: Water warfare
Platform: wiiware
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer: Hudson
Price/points: 800

I have to say I had mixed feeling about this games. It was good but sucked in the same time. The game is a FPS that instead of those messy and bloody guns they use water guns. Not really aimed for the mature audience, but the game play feels like from any FPS. Just shoot the crap out of things. They have an assortment of water guns to do so. There like real weapons only colorful and with a water container on top. The controls are okay. The only issue I have with it though is the jumping on the Z button. Why didn't they use A instead. A was to use the scope btw. Another thing about it was that there was no lock on. So shots had to be made carefully. A good thing about it though is that it does support dual analog with the wii classic controller works works fine Okay when you start up the the game you make your character. There is single player, 2 player co-op (finally), and Nintendo wi-fi. The main mode is nintendo wi-fi. It does have a single player but it consist of lame missions like shooting targets. It also has a match mode that you could play against computers. An alternitive to wifi. And you can also play with a friend. There are 8 maps to choose from and 4 modes. last man standing, death match, treasure chest (kinda like capture the flag), and assault. Very straightforward. This game also has a tutorial and I recommend you do it if you buy this game.

The Graphics good......if I wrote this 10 years ago. This game would probably look good in the n64.Probably. There are low poly count. Textures are basic. Very basic. I was very disappointed because Hudsons previous FPS onslaught looked way better. Sounds are okay. Nothing special there. All in all, I give this game a 7.5 (good).

PS: If you want a game with a solid single player campaign. This is not the game for you.

PSS: This game has no story whats so ever.

Gameplay: 8.1
Design: 6.0
Presentation: 7.5

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Great review, I'll probably get Onslaught instead.

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I'll give the game a 7,7 rating average rating
It has online capabilty and loads of modes too play through and for 800 points! I've got Onslaught also by Hudson and that's 1000 points and it doesnæt in the world reach up to the time Water Warfare has

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well I have to admit that water warfare has more replay value than onslaught.

I also forgot to mention on my review that it takes lots of shots to kill or rather wet someone. This can get very annoying at times but it's not of a big of a problem.