Residant Evil 5

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I heard residant evil 5 wasn't that good. Is there anyone who want to share their opinion about the game.

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I never liked the residant evil games......

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i like it, i don't got a 360 but i played a friend's, it's good fun

people say it's racist, but it's AFRICA! geez of course some races will be mroe frequently zombafied than others

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well thats the problem with some people, they don't like the fact that the resident evil plot carried out into Africa. and because they don't like the fact that it went into Africa, they don't like the fact of shooting black zombies. thus calling it racist.

This is the first resident evil game i have ever played, and so far, I really like it. its nice to play in third person and stray away from the FPS style. I don't know how the plot compares to the other resident games, but I like where it is going, and can't wait to find out what will happen in the end.
The only reason I havnt finished it is because my mom randomly decided to buy me a game of my choice and got me grand theft auto 4 (AMAZING!).

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If you have ever played RE4, it plays alot like that. I like it. Alot of people dont like it because you cannot run and shoot. I actually like that better for a horror game because it makes it more stressful and scary. It is also a really good game to play with a friend. Partner AI sucks so playing with a real person is much better.

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well a lot of people say its different from the series I don't necessarily want to contradict its that, that is what I've heard.

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I loved the game when I played through on coop.

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I acually heard this game is really good if you have someone to play it with. If you dont have xbox live mabey this isnt the game for you.