Pokemon: Blue review

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sorry if it's oh, 11 years late,

Pokemon is a great series, both games and i guess the first few anime episodes, anyway, pokemon blue has 2 games and a superior game following

blue-red+ yellow

gold silver = crystel

ruby saphire= emerlad

pearl diamond = platnium

so, lets reivew blue, you wake up in front of a SNES as a boy embarking ona quest to become a pokemon master, or so the anime says (ill get to that) so you go outside and oak takes you to his lab, tells you about pokemon and gives you a choice of bulbasur, squritle, and charmander, pick one and your off, but a rival (you pick name, i suggest dumbash) chalenges you to a duel, so you fight, kick his butt and your on your way in this epic role playing game. about the pokemon master, in the anime ash wants to be the pokemon master. Ok, but if you read the text, your fidn out beating the poekmon leage is only a subquest of the game, your real mission? fill up your pokedex will all the pokemon so oak can make the first poekmon book, pretty cool eh?

graphics- 9/10,
great for the time of release, but not now, but the artwork of the pokemon is awsome.

gameplay 10/10
, just awsome, fun for everyone, you can be a fire, grass,
water pokemon trianer or just a over all trainer, anyway, the characters are funny, and they have personality, the youngsters are..um. odd (theres oen who loves shorts and won't shut up about them) a few pedifle hikers, and a lot of cocky 10 yr olds. but you can take them,

storyline- 9.5/10
good, for the most part, you are fillign your pokedex but sometimes by the way the trainers talk your fallign into the anime's "greatest pokemon trianer thing". you have team rocket being idots and takign over cities even though there best/only poekmon seem to be raticates. sadly, no jesse and james ( or talking meowths,.awwwww) they are anime exclusive, but you got to move on, in cinnibar island you find out of mew and mewtwo (i smell a subquest) and legendary birds.

replay value- yes

lots of it, i have a few lvl 100's ( i suggest training in mewtwo's cave) and 6 pokemon of each type so if im feeling like a fire trainer i know where to get my moltres and ninetales), ninetales isnt that god, but it's my favorite pokemon.

overall, 10/10, anybody would love this game, a kid, a grandmother, teenagers, two 20 somethign canadians. everybody would love pokemon

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10/10 really? Now or then?

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I remember I used to love pokemon........ When I was 6

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10/10 for the time back then, 3/10 if it was just released

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